Yes, you read the headline correctly! This week we are excited to announce that global fast-food chain McDonald’s aka Macca’s have now finally dipped their toes into plant-based waters and announced a new plant-based range called the McPlant!

The range is set to roll out in 2021 across the United States after Mcdonald’s successfully trialled a meatless burger in Canadian with Beyond Meat in 2019. The range of plant-based burgers and other items will likely be aimed at the growing ‘flexitarian’ or ‘plant curious’ crowd.

Here at Let’s Go Vegan, we have always been supportive of any fast-food chains launching…

Katie White of Olive Wood Vegan

Katie White of Olive Wood Vegan releases new songs for WVD 2020

Brad & Lorraine Owners & Founders of NOO MOO Foods in Melbourne.

Brad & Lorraine may just be the most committed and hospitable couple in Melbourne’s vegan scene.

After health problems forced Brad to face some hard questions about his lifestyle a few years back, the vegan diet was presented to him as a way forward in the battle to win back his health. After years in the hospitality industry working in top restaurants as a head chef and consultant, Brad was pretty well equipped to explore a new way of eating, and a new way of cooking for that matter too.

A few short years later with a new lease on…

In this recent Vegan Chat With Professional Triathlete Travis Coleman, we discover a young man on the road to a brilliant (plant fuelled) career as a professional athlete.

Travis chats to us about some of the great ‘vegan’ products he uses as well as some of his big achievements to date.

Enjoy the chat.

Tell us a little about yourself and your sport?

So I’m a 23-year-old professional triathlete fuelled by a vegan diet, my main distance is the sprint (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run) and Olympic distance (1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run). Before going professional I was age-group national champion for 2016, 2017 & 2018. I went to world champs in 2016 in Mexico and got 23rd (before I was vegan), I went vegan a few months later and went to world champs in 2017 in Netherland and placed 6th with the fastest run split of all age groups, in 2018…

In this latest vegan chat, we speak to Tess Kelly an animal rights activist and animal lover.

Tess is one of the co-organisers of Anonymous For The Voiceless Bendigo and is dedicated to the alleviation of all animal suffering.

We chat with Tess about the journey so far.

Tell us about your journey to veganism

For me, there was no real ‘lightbulb moment’. My journey to veganism was regrettably slow. About a year before I went vegan, I slowly stopped finding meat appetizing. I think I had gotten to an age where I started making the connection between what was on my plate and the living animal it once was. I was about 13 at this time. I remember asking my mum one night when we were having roast cow (beef) if I could just eat the veggies… she said no. For a few months, I ignored what…

In this feature, we chat with Daniela McTaggart a vegan travel blogger about her journey to veganism and finding the connection between loving yourself and loving others (including the planet).

She also shares where to find great vegan on the Gold Coast.

Enjoy the chat.

Tell us about your journey to veganism

It’s been a long journey but a great one.

I originally went vegan when I was told by my doctor that I needed to take antidepressants and having my father who died from mental health I didn’t want to go down this path and so I reached out to my friend who was vegan. He was my only vegan friend I had & when I told him what my doctor said he told me to give veganism a go and so I did..3 …

From travel blogging to vegan reviewing, Kiki & The Greeky are a go-getting couple making their way through Brisbane’s’ vegan menus!

Having had negative reactions to various foods, they moved to a vegan / plant-based diet and found that it really worked for them.

After watching the Game Changers Documentary, they cemented their decision to go VEGAN! We chatted with them about their journey and what advice they have for new vegans.


What sparked the journey to veganism, was there a breaking point or particular thing that was a line in the sand moment?

I guess what sparked our journey to Veganism is that Greeky wasn’t feeling the best and we saw a naturopath who said to go Meat-free for a month. After undergoing that strategy, Greeky was amazed at how much better he felt after a meal and not so bloated or yucky in the stomach. Once Kiki had our baby two months in we realised the dairy she was eating would make baby upset and his skin would break out…

Kristy Alger is not afraid to say what she thinks, get her hands dirty and most importantly stand up for the most vulnerable in our society, the animals.

A number of previous guests suggested we chat with her, and she was kind enough to agree. In this brief chat, we discuss the issue of protests, activism, food and whether or not the future will disappoint or surprise. Kristy’s passion is inspiring, and we hope it will spark in you the desire to do even more for the animals of the world.

Enjoy the chat.

Tell us about yourself and how your vegan calling started?

I’ve always had a “love” for animals, very much encouraged by my grandma Maumie who was a lifelong vegetarian and animal rescuer/liberator. But being the daughter of a hunter, translating that “love” into actual respect for other animals took some time. Eventually, exposure to footage from the Australian live export scandal of 2011, watching The Cove and meeting actual vegans in real life set me on a path to veganism and animal rights activism. I initially went vegan in 2012, within a year was involved in an undercover investigation of…

Susannah Waters is the force behind Instagram account
v3gan_food. The account is designed to showcase what vegans eat, and how good it can be! Susannah has been a longtime vegan after discovering the horrors of the industry through the help of her sister. We chat with her about where to eat, what to eat and why she is personally inspired by animal sanctuaries. Enjoy the read.

So Susannah, tell us a little about yourself and your vegan journey

I am a former veterinary nurse who currently works in communications in eastern Sydney. I have been a massive animal-lover since I can remember, but it wasn’t until my teens that the hypocrisy of my actions (eating animals) was made apparent to me.

When I was 15, my sister Ally discovered a book at the local library called “Old MacDonald’s Factory Farm: The Myth of the Traditional Farm and the Shocking Truth About Animal Suffering in Today’s Agribusiness”. She went vegetarian immediately. …

Jacqui Rose is a young girl with many talents.

From design, graphics, editing, art & most importantly photography, we discovered her through her work with the annual Adelaide Vegan Festival (See her review & images HERE).

Jacqui was kind enough to talk to us about her photography as well as the very important question of where to get the best vegan food in Adelaide.

Enjoy the chat.

Tell us about yourself and your journey to a conscious lifestyle

My name is Jacqui Brogan (Or most people know me as Jacqui Rose). I’m 25 years old and have been vegan for 10 years now after finally seeing that it just wasn’t right to kill and harm others in my way of living. In the past I’ve had struggles with bullying, depression, eating disorders and anxiety. Following a long path to finding my true self and learning to go Vegan, it was a journey and something I’m very grateful for as it’s made me the person I am today…

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