Katie White of Olive Wood Vegan releases new songs for WVD 2020

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3 min readNov 4, 2020
Katie White of Olive Wood Vegan

Katie White of Olive Wood Vegan releases new songs for WVD 2020

Katie White is a professional singer/songwriter who runs a garden to plate, vegan food blog called Olive Wood Vegan.

The blog has beautiful recipes and a helpful resource section for anyone looking to learn more about going vegan
(Take a quick look at Olive Wood Vegan’s introduction below).

Recently Katie has produced 2x new songs with beautiful film clips to coincide with World Vegan Day today (1st of November).

Katies says of her new songs:

“They are written from the perspective of the animals and I am incredibly excited to share these songs because as far as I know no one has released anything like them before.”

Combining the power of music, truth, and the world through the eyes of these animals, these songs look to become a groundbreaking way of getting through to people about the sad plight of factory-farmed animals.

Below are her four songs (two with film clips) and Katies recommends listening to them in order, to get the best experience of the work. We have also listed a brief description of each song too.

All The Same

“This song was written to demonstrate how humans and animals are fundamentally the same in the ways that matter, the ability to feel hope, fear, and pain. It also highlights how we are all innately animal lovers but are conditioned to think the difference between us and them is so great that it warrants how we treat them.”


This song is dedicated to all mother dairy cows. It is written through her eyes, as she travels through pregnancy, birth, and having her baby stolen from her as per industry standard. She spends the rest of her days hoping her baby will come back to her somehow.”


“This song is written from the perspective of a thoroughbred mare in the horse racing industry. It tells her story, her dreams and fears and takes us through her life until she is slaughtered as many ex racing horses are. All she wants is to be free like a brumby (wild Australian horse).”


“106 is written from a baby pig’s perspective in a standard pork farm. All pork pigs are killed at around 6 months of age, and to the farmer are just a number. To the individuals inside them, they are so much more than that and have every ability to feel fear.”

Of the releases Katie said:

“They were recorded at the best studio in Western Australia and the film clips to accompany two of them are by an award winning videographer. They will be released on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Youtube, iTunes and Amazon on the 1st of November.”

We have listened to them all and they are wonderful, taking listeners into the lives of the animals and bringing home the unfortunate plight so many of them face.

If you enjoy the tracks, be sure to follow Katie on Spotify and Youtube, and for all of her vegan recipes and ideas, you can visit Olive Wood Vegan Here.

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